Tuesday, April 2, 2013

꽃마리, 빗방울, 개나리


toyota, weak yen, low PER


"Morgan Stanley (MS) estimates the currency boost to operating profits at about $1,500 per car, while Detroit carmakers put the figure closer to $5,700."

"Toyota enjoys a special edge because it exports more than 2 million vehicles from Japan annually, according to a recent analysis by Deutsche Bank (DB)."

"Toyota may use its yen-effect benefits elsewhere."


"Toyota is expected to finish out 2013 with $25.04-per-share in annual earnings, a stark comparison to the $9.12 it earned per share in 2012. Estimates for 2014 look for the growth to continue, as analysts look for $31-per-share in annual earnings. This works out to a forward PE of 3.4 times 2014 earnings, so Toyota is, in fact, rather cheap on a straightforward P/E basis."

2012 eps 9.12
2013 eps 25.04
2014 eps 31