Saturday, July 27, 2013


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농약 그라목손, 느리게 성장, per 20

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Potash, Mosaic, Agrium, CF, TNH

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Financial Guidance
“With near record crop nutrient affordability, we anticipate continued strong demand for the remainder of calendar 2013, while generally cautious distributor behavior and a strengthening U.S. dollar will impact prices,” Prokopanko said. “We expect the current  price  weakness to moderate over time, as demand growth absorbs the additional supply of phosphate and potash. Over the longer term, Mosaic is well positioned to capitalize on the ever increasing demand for grain and oilseeds.”

phosphate + potash
crop nutrient affordability

정체, 배당증가.

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"CF Industries faces intense pricing competition from both domestic and foreign fertilizer producers."

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TNCLP is the sole limited partner of Terra Nitrogen, Limited Partnership (TNLP), owner of the Verdigris, Oklahoma, manufacturing facility and related assets. Terra Nitrogen GP Inc., an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of CF Industries Holdings, Inc., is the General Partner of TNCLP and exercises full control over all of TNCLP’s business affairs.

cf자회사. 벌면 배당. 7.5%

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