Friday, June 20, 2014

reuters tankan, boj tankan

"TOKYO, June 19 (Reuters) - Confidence of Japanese manufacturers held steady in June while the service-sector mood rebounded from the prior month, a Reuters poll showed, further signs of resilience in the economy despite the pain of a sales tax hike that took effect weeks ago."

수정구슬은 아니지만, 저 정도면 충분한 가치가 있다.

대기업 제조업, 검정
대기업 비제조업, 파랑
중소기업 제조업, 빨강
중소기업 비제조업, 녹색

"The BOJ held ¥201 trillion ($1.97 trillion) in Japanese government bonds as of the end of March, a 20.1% share of the total, data released by the BOJ Wednesday showed. Domestic insurance companies, traditionally in the top spot, fell to second place with a 19.3% share."