Monday, January 4, 2016

우주 연필 vs 우주 볼펜

러시아 우주인의 연필과 수백만달러짜리 미국 우주인의 볼펜에 대한 얘기가 오랫동안 회자된다.
여기저기서 근거확인없이 반복적으로 인용되기 때문인데 이렇게 도시전설로 굳어진 경우 대개 오류가 바뀌지 않는다.

라면 점유율과 관련한 오해도 그런 예라 할 수 있다.
89년 공업용 우지 사건 전후 라면시장 점유율 변화 - 우화, 거짓말

무중력 상태에서 일반 볼펜은 써지지 않는다고.
무중력 상태에서 일반 연필은 부러진 연필심이 눈이나 콧구멍으로 들어가고 자연발화의 위험이 있다고.
그래도 러시아인들은 우주에서 강화연필을 쓸까?
아직도 미국인들은 그 비싸다는 우주 볼펜을 쓸까?

확인한 사항은?

미국인도 러시아인도 그 펜을 쓴다는 것.
지금은 5만원이면 그 펜을 살 수 있다는 것.
예전에도 그 펜은 쌌다는 것.
개발비는 들었다는 것.
위키피디아는 참 훌륭하다는 것.

A common urban legend states that NASA spent a large amount of money to develop a pen that would write in space (the result purportedly being the Fisher Space Pen), while the Soviets just used pencils.[2][3] There is a grain of truth: NASA began to develop a space pen, but when development costs skyrocketed the project was abandoned and astronauts went back to using pencils, along with the Soviets.[2][3] However, the claim that NASA spent millions on the Space Pen is incorrect, as the Fisher pen was developed using private capital, not government funding. NASA – and the Soviets[3][4][5] – eventually began purchasing such pens.

NASA programs previously used pencils[6] (for example a 1965 order of mechanical pencils[7]) but because of the substantial dangers that broken pencil tips and graphite dust pose to electronics in zero gravity, the flammable nature of wood present in pencils,[7] and the inadequate quality documentation produced by non-permanent or smeared recordkeeping, a better solution was needed. Russian cosmonauts used pencils, and grease pencils on plastic slates until also adopting a space pen in 1969 with a purchase of 100 units for use on all future missions.[8] NASA never approached Paul Fisher to develop a pen, nor did Fisher receive any government funding for the pen's development.[7] Fisher invented it independently and then, in 1965, asked NASA to try it. After extensive testing, NASA decided to use the pens in future Apollo missions.[6][8][9] Subsequently, in 1967 it was reported that NASA purchased approximately 400 pens for $6 a piece.[8]

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