Thursday, October 9, 2014

hepatitis C combo, gilead

Achillion Pharmaceuticals
Bristol-Myers Squibb

"In late-stage clinical trials, Bristol's two-drug combination cured about 85 percent of patients with 24 weeks of therapy."

"That decision appears to have worked out for Gilead given that Harvoni's results in phase 3 were almost as good as the Sovaldi and Daklinza combination, with Harvoni clearing the disease in up to 99% of patients."

"The aggregate cost of treating those patients? Some £1 billion. And that's 'prohibitive,' the NHS briefing documents say (as cited by Pharmafile)."

"At the International Liver Congress in London, Merck reported a 98% cure rate in patients with hepatitis C genotype 1 who took a combination of its drug candidates MK-5172 and MK-8742."

"미국 FDA는 전체가 경구형으로 이뤄진 길리어드의 제품에 대해 오는 10월 10일 최종 승인 결정을 내릴 예정이다. 임상 시험 결과 투여 환자의 99%가 치료 효과를 보여 소발디의 90%보다 높았다."

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