Tuesday, October 21, 2014

petrobras, scheme

Jim Chanos Says Petrobras is a ‘Scheme, Not a Stock’ [FULL TRANSCRIPT]


"The problem is is that in fact the company is cash flowing about $25 billion, $26 billion, so-called EBITDA, and its CapEx annually is $45 billion, and another $5 billion of capitalized interest. So their – their gross cash flow is only covering half of their capital spending and capitalized interest, so they’re not covering their dividend. And in fact they’re having to borrow the shortfall, and they’re borrowing more than $20 billion a year. This is an enormous, enormous sink hole from a financial point of view."

Brazil’s Rousseff Admits There Was Wrongdoing at Petrobras

"Ms. Rousseff and the PT have repeatedly said that the accusations against Petrobras are baseless and that her administration never condoned corruption."

On Brazil's Struggling Petrobras, Barclays Becomes A Believer


  1. 여긴 나라 자체가 그런거 아닐까? 라는 의심이.. 먼놈의 국가 etf가 뻑하면 5%씩 널뛰기를 하는지..

    1. petrobras는 공기업이라 더 그런 것 같아요. 원자재기업말고도 맥주회사, 비행기회사같은 것들은 상당한 규모, 업력을 갖고 있어서 업종, 기업마다 차이가 큰 것이 아닐까하는 생각이 드네요.