Sunday, December 14, 2014

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"MANY factors contributed to Mexico’s “tequila crisis” in 1994, but two stood out: tighter monetary policy in the United States and political instability at home. "
"Inflation is already a little above target and the peso’s fall will mean expensive imports, lifting firms’ costs and cutting real wages."

"Oil prices and immigration sound like they have nothing to do with each other but, if Mexico’s economy were to be hit hard by plunging crude prices, that might fuel a surge in people heading north – something history has shown is a trend."

"Mexico is a top oil exporter to the United States, but its economy is not overly dependent on crude, leading Mexico watchers to say the peso is being unfairly punished."

닭과 달걀같은 문제지만, 정치적인 안정이 없으면 경제도 악순환에서 헤어나기 어렵고, 그런 문제로 선진국 진입에 실패했던 나라들은 같은 실패를 반복하는 경향이 있다.
아시아가 이번에도 다를지는 더 지켜봐야. 중국, 인도, 인도네시아, 베트남.

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