Friday, June 3, 2016

tesla samsung - update

Tesla Motors brings in battery cells from Samsung

Tesla Motors (TSLA -0.7%) took delivery of a large quantity of battery cells from Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) in April, according to reporting from Electrek.
A bill of lading seems to confirm that 120 tons of Samsung SDI 18650 battery cells are now in the hands of Tesla.

Tesla took delivery of large quantities of battery cells from Samsung
We contacted Tesla representatives and asked if the company was able to confirm what the cells will be use for as the quantity appears to be excessive for testing (enough for over 100 cars) or a project like the Roadster battery pack upgrade (though not impossible). We will update when we have more information.
The battery cells could also be used in Tesla Energy products, like Powerpacks and Powerwalls.
GROSS WEIGHT          113183 KG
TOTAL VOLUME          192 CM
ARRIVAL DATE             2016-04-19

추가 20160605

"테슬라, 전기차에 삼성SDI 배터리 사용 검토"<닛케이>

뒷북기사에 아닐 가능성도 높다.
A trial of 100 heavily subsidized battery systems combined with solar power has been launched by SA Power Networks in an Adelaide suburb. The Tesla Powerwall and an energy storage product from Samsung will be used in the trial.

추가 20160608

"거래선과 좋은 얘기중" 조남성 삼성SDI사장 테슬라에 납품성사 시사

이런 정도 얘기는 사장이 애매하게 언론에 유포하지 말고 공시로 명확히 해야 할 듯.
진짜든 뻥이든, 확정이든 미정이든.

추가 20160608

Elon Musk denies report suggesting Samsung will supply Tesla Model 3 batteries
Musk clarified that Tesla is "working exclusively" with Panasonic to make the cells for its upcoming Model 3 electric car, and that "news articles claiming otherwise are incorrect."
삼성 관계자들은 sds에서도 sdi에서도 시장과 투자자를 엿먹이는 것을 취미활동으로 여기는 듯.

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